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Website Administration

  • Ensuring the website functionality
    Website administration can improve your business by ensuring the website functionality and availability continuously.
  • Performing regular software updates.
    Updates can add new features to your devices and remove outdated ones. so that it works and shows up correctly with the latest web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Ensuring the website’s security
    This includes setting up good firewalls to block hacker as well as performing regular malware scans.
  • Monitoring website performance.
    Monitoring , assessing and reporting the website performance can improve your customer experience
  • Manage websites contents
    Create publish, and update website content that will inform and engage your customers.

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Our software development cycle

We put stock in a methodical methodology for any project be it mind boggling or basic. We have our dedicated group for your project which utilizes different techniques. We guarantee first class quality, on-time delivery, and spryness for your project.

  • 01Discovery

    ◊ Solution vision document
    ◊ UX wire frame design
    ◊ Risk assessment and mitigation plan

  • ◊ Architecture design
    ◊ Software requirements specification
    ◊ Release plan and cost estimation

  • ◊ Testing &Documentation
    ◊ Transferring ownership and licensing
    ◊ Deploying and installing product

  • ◊ Keep system live
    ◊ Maintain code
    ◊ Update software when required


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Get to Know Project Estimate?
In order to create a workable estimate, you need to know the project team, deliverables, tasks etc... Accurate time estimation is a crucial skill in project management. Without it, you won't know how long your project will take, and you won't be able to get it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Website Administration?

Web administration is the practice of keeping a website running efficiently and securely. Responsibility for the website is managed by the website administrator or webmaster, whose job is to perform the many daily tasks required to maintain a website. Website administrators plan and perform website enhancements and manage website content. They build web pages, fix bugs, and perform system upgrades.

What Does a Website Administrator Do?

Website administrators, also known as webmasters, web developers or network and computer system administrators, are responsible for all aspects of keeping website content and design fresh, backed up, and fully functional. They typically work closely with clients to make sure they understand how they want their websites to look and function.

What is Website Security?

Website security is the most important component of any good website management service. All websites are under constant attack by hackers and cyber criminals. The vast majority of these attacks are automated and are designed to use your website as a platform to infect your visitors' computers or phish for information. Making sure your site is secure and that the architecture on which it is built is up-to-date is a vital component of any management service.

What is Content Management?

This is one of the big components of any website administration service. A website should be a static object that never gets updated or improved. Adding content to a website is not as simple as pasting some text and clicking publish. Content management includes things like posting blog posts, adding photographs, fixing website pages, and the like.

What is Website Support?

If you want to tweak the layout of the website or change the navigation menu it would be part of your website management service. We also include some other services under this umbrella including adding email addresses, helping with forgotten passwords, and answering any questions you may have related to your website or your online business presence.



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